Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show 2020


We had a great time at the Vintage & Classic Tractor Show a few weeks ago… many tractors to see!

We tried to spot a few that Kevin had driven in the past (coming from an agricultural background) but

some of them were just a little too old! It was lovely to see our guests there too selling their wares.


We really liked the model layouts which were so well done…….. they looked so realistic!

We managed to capture some of them, pictured below.


                               A further hall had a wonderful exhibition of even more tractors and we just had to take

a picture of the one with the milk churns.



The Sunday of the Tractor Show also coincided with the Toy Fair which was well attended and brought

back a tinge of nostalgia! The photo captures a view from above.


It was well worth attending especially with the Toy Fair too! It would be lovely to have you stay with us!